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Own a piece of history when you purchase a property from Tennessee Properties in Centerville, Tennessee. Our company has a list of historic properties, land, and farms for sale located throughout Hickman County. Contact us today to set up an appointment and be captivated by the charm of this 200-year-old community.

Iron Furnaces

Hickman County's early industry focused on iron furnaces. In 1814, Hardin Perkins built a forge on Mill Creek. The forge was sold to Montgomery Bell in 1825. Other early furnaces are as follows:

Old Furnace on Sugar Creek | Goodrich Furnace on Birds Creek | Gould Furnace on Sugar Creek | Aetna Furnace


The first corn mill was established on Mill Creek in 1809. It was around the same time that the first horse-powered mill was also built on Sugar Creek. Come 1811, the first powder mill was constructed on Mill Creek. In the same year, the first cotton gin was erected on Duck River. Finally, the mill on Piney River near Dodd Hollow was established in 1835.

Beaver Dam Spring

Hickman County is known for natural mineral springs, such as Beaver Dam Springs, that are said to hold medicinal properties. In 1832, a hotel was built for tourists and locals. It is now the site of the NaCoMe Conference Center. This institution is presently controlled by the Presbyterian Churches of Nashville, Columbia, and Memphis.

Bon Aqua Springs

In the 19th century, many mineral springs were developed as recreational sites. Bon Aqua Springs is one of these. The Bon Aqua Hotel was soon built to accommodate tourists. However, it was eventually torn down in the early 1940s.

Primm Springs

Primm Springs is a former summer resort developed in 1831. Tourists liked that it had several kinds of mineral water. Primm Springs was operated by Miss Hugh Ella Estes for many years. The following amenities were included:

Hotel | Dance Hall | Bowling Alley | Cottages

Trees and Spring

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